Self-employed? Do You Owe Income Taxes or HST?

Are you a self-employed? Are you a lawyer, doctor, dentist, real estate agent, or proprietor of any kind? Are you behind on paying your income taxes or HST? We can help resolve your financial difficulties – contact us today.


Self-employed professionals, and other proprietors, can benefit from consulting a Restructuring Professional such as a Trustee in Bankruptcy.


Self-employed individuals find themselves in financial trouble for many different reasons. Downturn in the economy, poor decisions, not paying income taxes, and not remitting HST. Scott, Pichelli & Easter have a proven track record over the last 35 years with assisting self-employed professionals, and other individuals, in reducing their debt with the Canada Revenue Agency and other creditors.


It is not an uncommon occurrence for self-employed professionals to find themselves in a situation where they need to seek advice from a Trustee in Bankruptcy. A Trustee provides an independent, objective view of the issues and supplies options on assisting these individuals in resolving their financial trouble.


A Trustee can file a proposal with all your creditors, including Canada Revenue Agency, and make a deal to reduce the amount of debt owed, with no interest charges.


The key to a successful proposal, especially when Canada Revenue Agency is a significant creditor, is that you make full disclosure and present your creditors with an offer to settle your debt that is greater than what they would receive if you were to go bankrupt. Thus, it is imperative that you consult with a Trustee who is licensed to prepare this calculation on your behalf, and to advise your creditors of the advantages of accepting the Proposal.


At Scott, Pichelli & Easter, we have helped many individuals and corporations that file proposals which include Canada Revenue Agency as a major creditor. Canada Revenue Agency will agree to reduce your income tax and HST debt, though there are many people who believe that this can’t be done. At Scott, Pichelli & Easter we can tell you it is possible. We have reached many agreements with Canada Revenue Agency and other creditors so that there is no need for individuals or corporations to file for bankruptcy.


So if you find yourself in a situation where your debt to Canada Revenue Agency, or any other creditor, is overwhelming, please call Scott, Pichelli & Easter to sit down for a free consultation and find out what options are available for you, thus taking your first step to financial recovery.